What is 4-H?

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Despite 4-H being America’s largest youth development group, I often get asked: “What is 4-H?”; a simple yet complex question. I have been in 4-H for eight years, and, unfortunately, I still do not know how to properly answer this question. My standard response is to compare the organization to a combination of boy/girl scouts, community service, and leadership.While I believe this definition is true, I also do not believe that it fully captures the essence of 4-H. I like to think like any sport, activity, group, or performance, 4-H is what you put into it. Nevertheless, without getting to profound, I hope to explain to someone who’s never heard of 4-H what it is and hopefully develop your interest in it. (Disclaimer: I mostly participate in the “horse” aspect of 4-H, so my answer will be heavily referenced to my experiences with equines; however, 4-H has many other factions including robotics, agriculture, live-stock, cooking, etc.)